The Image Library

This article is updated for Moments version 1.01 - later versions might differ slightly.
The image library is placed to the far right in the application window and makes project images easier to manage. At first, the library is disabled and can't be manipulated. Open or create a new photo album project and the library becomes available looking like the image below:
Supported image formats are: JPEG Images. You can populate the library in three different ways:

1) The first button from the bottom toolbar is used to add all the images from a folder you select, you browse to the folder in the dialog that pops up when pressed.
2) The second button will add one image at a time, you browse and select the desired picture in the dialog that appears when pressed.
3) The third way, is just drag images from your computer and drop them in the library.

When adding images to library, using any of the three methods above, the images will have to be processed first, one by one, before they can be used. The entire process in being done in the background and is monitored by progress bars.

Each image in library is represented as the element below:
Icons associated with each image thumb are numbered from 1 to 4. They are as follows:

1) The number 1 icon, is a button used to delete an individual image from the library. When deleting the image from library it will be removed from the project also, meaning that it will be removed from the page design if it's being used.

2) The second icon is an indicator and a button at the same time. When adding an image in library, the original is converted to a lower resolution to be used in design (because of big memory usage of large images) and a link to the original is kept. The original image will only be use at export when full resolution is required. In case the link to the original image is broken - if the image is deleted or renamed or mover from the original location - this icon will show up, indicating that the image link to the original is broken and should be taken care of. You will browse to the new location/new image (and the link will be restored) by pressing the icon

3) Icon number 3 indicates that the images is already used in one of the pages.

4) Using icon 4 you mark the image as one of your favorites. This works in tandem with the heart toggle button from the bottom toolbar. When this is toggled on, only the images marked as favorite will be displayed. When off, all the images are visible.

The library content is unique to each project. Different projects will have different images added to the library.
To use an image, open a page in "Page Editor" and drag it from the library onto the page canvas.

Moments Designer is a full featured digital album designer for both professional and amateur photographers, with a clean, without extraneous distractions, drag and drop layout.
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