Moments Designer FAQ

Please report any issues to support (at) byteignite (dot) com with as many details as possible.
   Moments Designer compatibility issues on MacOS: What OS versions are supported on Mac?
Moments Designer has been tested and is working properly on MacOS "Sierra" and later versions, "High Sierra", "Mojave", "Catalina". Please update and use one of these operating system versions. Issues were found on MacOS "El Capitan" and "Yosemite" and older versions and are not supported.
   Unable to start Moments Designer on MacOs: "Moments" can't be opened because it is from un unidentified developer?
Due to technical reasons, Moments it's not signed with an Apple Developer Certificate. When running from the first time, you might be prompted with this message, being a program downloaded from the internet. Allow it to start by going to top menu, Apple -> SystemPreferences -> Security&Privacy, you should have a section something like: "Allow apps downloaded from:". Allow Moments to run OR start it from there.
   Do I need some specific hardware, such as a dedicated graphic card or something else to run Moments Designer?
There are no special hardware requirements to run a version of Moments Designer, any modern-ish computer with an i3 or i5 equivalent processor with 4-8GB of ram will be enough. No requirements for a graphic card, even an integrated one will be OK.
   Downloaded trial version of Moments Designer is not running on Windows 10?

We had some reports that Windows 10 is not allowing the downloaded trial version to run OK on some machines, depending on your firewall settings or antivirus program installed. Trial version comes in a portable form that allows you to try the software with installing it. Try unzipping the archive to your desktop, decompressing and running from your download folder might not be permitted, being a program downloaded from the internet could alert your machine/antivirus as being untrustfull. Copy the app to your desktop and run it from there.

Running as administrator could also help.

Make sure your firewall and antivirus program is allowing Moments Designer and other tools built in to run properly.

On Windows 10, allow it to run by pressing the "More info" underneath the text

windows 10 fix 1

then, press "Run anyway" button

windows 10 fix 2

Multiple instances of the applications are not allowed to run at the same time. When having problems starting Moments, make sure there isn't another instance running in the background. Open task Manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL) and stop/end other running copies of the application.

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