Download Moments Designer Evaluation - PC Version.

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Downloaded File Size: ~280MB. Make sure you have a good connection. If your connection fails, you can try again, multiple times.

Install Moments Designer: Unzip downloaded archive and run Moments from there. Being a portable version, installation is not required.

You might need to run it twice. At first run, Moments will update itself to the latest version and will close. After this, run it a second time to evaluate.

Having trouble running the trial versions? We had reports that Windows 10 is not allowing the trial version to run on some machines. Unzipping the archive to your desktop and run it from there. Running as administrator could also help. Make sure your firewall and antivirus program is allowing Moments Designer and other tools built in to run properly.
Check out Moments Designer FAQ page for more details.

If you are still having trouble running the software, please give us an email and report your issue and we'll look into it.
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