Tell Your Story Through Images

Your wedding day will come and go so quickly. While it may seem like a lifetime of decisions have to be made before that day, you don’t want to miss the fairy tale. Collecting images and memories along the way will allow you to use your wedding album to not only share the memory of the ceremony but of the whole experience. Let your photographer take you on the journey from invitation to “I dos” to the farewell. He knows what are the perfect shots needed to make you shine. If he's not familiar with a good photo software package, suggest Moments Designer, an easy to use album software for every occasion.

Here are a few can’t miss moments you will want to include:

The Invitation

While you are worried about making sure everyone on your guest list receives an invitation, set one aside for yourself. It is the perfect start to any wedding album and will instantly bring back the fond memories of the pre-wedding excitement and beautiful ceremony.

Getting Ready

Whether you are getting ready together or separately, with your wedding party or alone, you will want to document the process. It is the moment he transformed from a man to a groom, she a woman to a bride. These are precious moments and moments your partner won’t be able to experience with you again. Documenting them with pictures will let you share these moments and reflect on the anticipation you both felt. If you choose to meet before the ceremony for a quick kiss, a reveal or just to share a gift, make sure you get photos of that moment. Many couples view these are their favorite of the whole day.

The Venue

Before and while the guests arrive, have your photographer take some photos of the venue. Whether you went with ornate decorations or something simple, you planned out these details. Why not document them? If you get candid pictures of the guests, which we suggest you do, you will see the love your family and friends have for you, their faces beaming with joy.

The Ceremony

Warning: these pictures may contain tears. But those are some of the most touching moments. Include a picture of the bride walking down the aisle, but also turn around and capture the groom’s reaction to seeing his soon-to-be wife. Capture the wedding party, the flower girl, the ring bearer, and the parents. Those special moments that get mixed in with everything else can be immortalized in your album and will allow you to look back and smile and the love you shared on that special day.

Group Photos

After the ceremony, many couples choose to take group photos with their wedding party. We think this is a must. On your wedding day you surround yourself with the people you love the most. Document the special bond you have with your wedding party and have a little fun! Not all friendships are serious and neither should the pictures documenting them.

The Reception Venue

Just as you worried about the details of your wedding venue, we can assume the reception was well-planned and designed as well. Have your photographer capture the venue, decorated just like you wanted it. Make sure to get pictures of all of the highlights: the head table, the cake, the table decorations, the menu, the (candy) bar.

The Reception

The after party to the big event. While there will be thousands of pictures on social media from all of your friends at the reception, get a few professional pictures taken as well. You will be so busy basking in the most-ceremony glow and trying to attend to all of your guests, you won’t be able to have fun with everyone all at once. Get some pictures of your guests laughing, dancing, interacting, etc. And don’t forget about the important moments: toasts, your first sip of champagne together, a kiss (from everyone clinking their glasses a few too many times), cutting the cake, the first dance, and dances with your family. You’ll want pictures of your dance with family and friends too. Let your happiness shine through!

The Departure

As the night winds to a close, it may be easy to send your photographer home early. We suggest you wait just a little bit longer. When you depart for the first time as a married couple, you want to capture the gratitude on love on your faces as you hug your family goodbye. Having a grand exit? What better way to conclude your album then how you concluded your night?
With all of the photos you will end up with from your wedding, it will be hard to choose. But if you include these moments, your wedding album will not only capture the essence of the big day, bit it will capture the whole adventure.
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